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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


The Spice of Life 1986 

Curry College Milton, Massachusetts 

Volume 34 



The Spice of Life 

Opening 4 

Student Life 
Academics . 


The Year in Review 97 

Sports 113 

Greetings . 


Cuiry CoWego Library 

1071 BUio HIM Avenue 

jWHon^MA 02186 


Curry — The Spice of Life, 
that statement truly sums up 
Curry College at its best. Curry 
and its many facets effect each 
one of us in special ways. Curry 
has given us all a chance to learn 
and grow, to strive and achieve. 
The friendships we make will be 
lifelong. Most importantly, it is 
thanks to Curry that we have all 
been given the opportunity to 
find ourselves. 

This opportunity has 
manifested itself in several 
different ways: Through social 
activites and school patriotism; 
hours in the classroom and 
carefree summers; from field 
trips to Cape Cod beaches to the 
cultural attractions of Boston; 
and through getting to know each 
other in the good times and the 

GINGER represents liveliness 
and animation, everyone knows 
that's easy to find at Curry. From 
the everyday antics in the 
cafeteria, to the often lively study 
sessions in the library. There's 
always a hot game of hacky sack, 
frisbee, or lacrosse on the quad. 
And then there are the weekends. 
There's no livelier time at Curry 
than a party in the cafe, a game on 
the field, and a night at the pub. 

LAVENDER — well, it's 
close to purple. Patriotism at 
Curry College can be no better 
represented than by the school 
colors. Whether it's purple and 
gold, purple and silver, or just 
purple, the statement it makes is 

SAGE — the reason everyone 

goes to college, the never-ending 
search for profound wisdom. No 
one will ever forget their days in 
Issues of Modern Civilization, 
Science 101, Human Values, 
Fine Arts, Psychology, and Gym 
. . . Gym? The many specialized 
majors at Curry allow each in- 
dividual the chance to pursue his/ 
her own interest. Together, these 
two aspects of Curry have 
prepared us for productive 
careers and lives. 

those savored days of summer. 
The excitement and anticipation 
before each summer recess was 
overwhelming. The cars were 
packed when they left campus, 
each student thinking of summer 


sun, summer fun, and summer 
jobs! While each summer was a 
great experience, each student 
was secretly ready to return to 
school by early August. 

SEASALT, what better to 
represent the many Curry road- 
trips. From Ft. Lauderdale in 
March, to Bermuda and the 
Bahamas, to everyone's Great 
Cape Escapes, the seashore is an 
integral part of Curry life. Who 
could possibly return to campus 
after Spring Break without a tan? 
What would a sunny spring 
Saturday be without a trip to 
Houghton's Pond? Yes, 
everyone at Curry does their 
share of building castles in the 

BAY LEAF, well, it shares its 
name with the Bay State, that's 
close enough. Boston and its 
cultural attractions have provided 
an enrichment all their own. We 
cheered on the Celtics at Boston 
Garden; a trip to Fenway was 
always fun (not for the Red Sox 
but for "Who's On First"); we 
saw shows at the Shubert; spent 
our money at Fanueil Hall; the 
Museum of Fine Arts enlightened 
us; we saw Rocky Horror at Ex- 
eter Street; and yes, some people 
even figured out the MBTA! 

SUGAR and spice and every- 
thing nice — sound cliche? No, 
not necessarily. It is here that all 
the goodness of Curry comes 
together, the special "close" 
quality that's characteristic to the 
Curry Community, alias, the 
' 'Curry Family . " At no other in- 
stitution is this feeling so pre- 
dominant, Curry's charm is all its 

THYME to study, time for 
class, time to eat, time to sleep, 
time to party . . . party, of course 
just on weekends Mom & Dad! 
There are countless memorable 
times we've had at Curry. There 
have been good times and bad 
times, but always a friend to 
share them with. Then, of 
course, there is the Currier- 
Times, the bi-weekly chronicle of 
goings on at Curry. As each 
person passes through Curry, 
their reflections will undoubtedly 
yield "time well spent!" 


,i \ 



Ba A 

§BS¥ m^ ::.'::. 

%t A 

1 III!! 



















\.' " ■ : , • '^ 


























^' h 








Pag '^tni 

^^\ «* 





v. IS^ 

^-\ ^ 

. r 

-„.-':■ ^j:au«^ -« ..Si3?a 


-■ -•-■ " ^ 



~ ■ ' ■ 

1 ■ , ; 

■i - ^ 

*. > - ■ ' -^ ■ 


- ■-—■■•-. ^ tj,v"' 

^jpipii i^% ^mm^^- 



LU'UI-J lA i_C: V ; \ \ :(^.v;v. rM.-^L. L.I i_"f\/-\tx I «'' 

,:> 'n 










Student Life 

What price beauty 

Could I have a milkbone — please? 

Tuning in 

Your place or mine, darling? 

I %^ 


En route to the "Great Cape Escape 

An invitation to the "Great Cape Escape" 





scream, you scream ... for ice cream 

I'm just holdmg up this wall 

he walking wounded 

Come sail away 

In bears we trust 

Just "hangin out' 


Dialing Moscow 



uiother satisfied customer 

You've got to be kidding 

lo, lunch is serious business 



Foram 1986 

Sam Webb mediates the forum 



le audience looks on 



Me Jane — where's Tarzan? 

Rambo meets Bunny 


Where do we go now 


The three stooges 

rotector of the Universe 





TAing a break 

Hi — I'm Deb 

Hi — I'm Woodie 

Ted and Stacey 

Protector of Hafer 


Hurricane Gloria G-L-O-R-I-A 

Blowin' in the wind 

Sarge to the rescue 

Truly a gloomy day 






International Club 
takes the stage 




One minute please 



_ «k • B/v 1 0WWIV9 MAI DB OM rUSrVie 












TO \ 





.J^. ' 

urry College Bookstore 

lipping burgers 

Sorry, no check cashing today 

~ ll m* ' ^^ 



^^Vw ^t 





1 1 ^^H 

^P J'^^^^^M 

Wr^ ^^ 




Pub Staff — always there to serve 


There's something up there 




Sammys Tourette 




A presentation from the Tourette's Syndrome Association 

lanuny with his mother Bunny Rosenburg 


. . . Acadeynics 



Academic Program, it's 100% 

I have been at Curry for three 
years and during this time I have 
noticed many changes occur, 
mainly in the academic 
programs. Being involved in 
various committees on campus I 
have been able to notice and take 
part in many of these changes that 
have gone on in this area. 
Although like another student, I 
have had feelings of discourage- 
ment and disappointment about 
my academics at Curry, I made it 
a point to never give up on my 
potential in both academic and 
extra curricular areas, or in the 
college itself, and the people who 
have supported me. 

I came to Curry because I liked 
the academic programs the 
campus and the people. I told 
myself when I came here that 1 
was going to make it work for me 
(this determination was an im- 
portant part of my success). 1 
wanted to put in 100 percent and 
therefore I expected 100 percent 
in return. 

What I like most about the 
academic programs here is the 
progress they have made. They 
are better, more sophisticated, 
and much more effective than 
when I first entered. There is be- 
coming a better variety of courses 
and a great deal of expansion is 
being made in such areas as 
management and computer 
science. Any person can notice 
through these changes how aware 
Curry is becoming of societies 
emphasis on technology and 
progress and how the school is 
implementing the emphasis into 
its academic programs. As a 
student, this progress gives me 

great confidence in myself; my 
abilities and my education and its 
effectiveness. This focus on 
progress is making Curry better 
academically and is attracting a 
good student body and an in- 
telligent group of faculty. I 

believe students in the years to 
come will be a more motivated 
group of people and highly in- 
telligent as a result of the very 
sophisticated education which 
they will receive. I now sense a 
growing interest by students con- 

cerning their education and fu- 
ture. Students will be very lucky 
to attend Curry because of its 
academic progress and focus. 

I have one year left at Curry 
and although I am looking 
forward to having a career and 
graduating (they don't necessari- 
ly come in that order!) I am find- 
ing that my courses every 
semester get more interesting and 
thus my life as a student at Curry 
becomes more pleasing. This 
realization came very late to me 
but once it did everything came 
together, everything I had done 
here at Curry made sense. I final- 
ly understood how both the 
college and I had achieved our 
goals: they, to teach me manage- 
ment and I to help them to teach 
me by putting in 100 percent to 
my academics. 

I would hope that every 
student here at Curry would ex- 
plore his or her own academic 
and political potential. Help 
others to help themselves (and 
yourself) and make the faculty 
and institution work for yourself, 
and them, by contributing 100 
percent. If students do these 
things they will find that, like 
myself, they will receive 100 
percent in return. And, all of this, 
is what I believe college, educa- 
tion, and growth is all about: one 
must contribute 100 percent if 
one is expecting 100 percent in 

Miriam Buttrick 
Class of 1987 


Nurses in action i 


In pursuit of academic excellence 




Now I lay me down to study, 

I pray the lord I won't go nutty. 

If I should fail to learn this junk, 

I pray the Lord I will not flunk. 

But if I do, don't pity me at all, 

Just lay my bones down in the study hall. 

Tell my teacher I did my best. 

And lay my books upon my chest. 

Now I lay me down to rest. 

And pray I'll pass tomorrow's test. 

If I should die before I wake. 

That's one less test I'll have to take. 



i y 


The Year in Review 

A high school teacher goes into space. Christa McAuMffe folds her training uniform as she packed for a trip to Houston where she began training for her trip into space. The flight of 
the Concord High School teacher was scheduled for January, 1986. 


Space walker James van Hoften stands tall on the end of the robot arm of the space shuttle Discovery after 
successfully launching the repaired Syncom satellite in September. 

Space 1986 

America's space pro- 
gram was fllled with both, 
triumphs and disaster. 
The Space Shuttle Dis- 
covery met with great 
success in September, 
1985, when its large ro- 
bot arm was used to re- 
pair a disabled satellite. 
Tragically, just four 
months later the shuttle 
Challenger exploded just 
after take off, killing all of 
its 7 astronauts. One of 
the killed was Chrlsta 
McAulliffe, a high school 
teacher from Concord, 
UH, who was going to 
teach the first "Lesson in 
Space." The accident left 
the entire nation in 
shock, and the space pro- 
gram in jeopaj-dy. 













V \ 



k '^J^ 




Bombings, gunfire, and 
terrorism continues in 
the Mideast. In this photo 
a yoixng boy is saved by 
two men, who rescue him 
from a fiery car. 


In 1985 a monument was 
erected in Washington 
D.C. to remember the 
thousands of American 
soldiers who died in 
Vietnam. For living 
Vietnam veterans, it is a 
remembrance long 

MOVE it or 
lose it 

The eyes of the entire 
■world were focused on 
one city block In PhUadel- 
pliia when police tried to 
evict memhers of the 
radical group MOVE hy 
dropping a bomb on their 
home. The ensuing fire 
destroyed over 60 homes 
killing 11 people. The 
repercussions were felt 
as far away as Moscow 
where Soviet leaders 
issued a formal state- 
ment condemning the ac- 

A Rose by any other 
name . . . 

During his hasehaH career, 
the legendary Ty Cohh 
collected4,191 base hits; it 
was a record they said 
couldn't be broken. Then, 
for one brief m.oment in 
September of 1985, we 
coiold aJl forget the trials 
and tribulations of Ufe in 
the '80s, and revel in the 
drama of Am.erica's 
favorite past-tune. Glnci- 
natti Reds player- 
manager Pete Rose had 
career hit 4,192, breaking 
ly Cobb's record. 

Glncmatti Reds player-manager Pete Bose tookeT^CobYscareer record 
hit in September. The historic #4,192 hit was a single to left field on a ^-i 
pitch fi'om San Diego Padres Eric Show. 



T "L*-**. 


■ - 

- ■ ^ - 

i:^' .: '::^ ^^ 



WlMl'w/^ ■■■i^'mJ^^>^ 


ifeis:.-^ >^ .-R^^ 



3ENEVA, NOV. 19 — PIBESIDE CHAT — President Reagan and Soviet Leader M ikha.ii Gorbachev talk in front of afireplace at the Fleur D'Eau in Geneva. 

Superpowers discuss "Nuclear Madness" 

As the world moved ever- 
closer to the yeao' 2000, it 
became apparent that the 
two superpowers were 
beginning to bring an end 
to "Nuclear Madness." 
President Reagan and 
Soviet leader Mikhail 
Gorbachev met privately 
in Geneva, in what was at 
least a step in the right 
direction. The two men 
met alone, without their 
aides, to discuss civil 
rights, mutual foreign ex- 
change programs, and 
nucleai" disarmament. 



tLiJacked — 



Sheite hijackers took 
over a TWA jet in Athens, 
Greece, threatening to 
kill all 153 people on 
board. After flights to 
Beirut, Algeria and then 
back to Beirut, most of 
the hostages were 
released. However, 39 of 
them were held for 17 
days as America and the 
world watched helpless- 
ly. The captives were 
finally released, but tragi- 
cally one American wqs 

A TWA Jet with 145 

jr /* /» y^ 

1 and eight crew memlDers was hijacked in Athena, Greece, hi Jiuie. 

An angry 





The awesome and some- 
times tragic power of na- 
ture was on display in 
Columbia, South Ameri- 
ca, where thousands 
were killed by enormous 


ARMERO, COLUMBIA, WOV. 15 — DIGGING OUT —A resident of Armero hi the Golumhian mountains is helped 
by the Columbian Red Cross during digging out efforts. Many people are still trapped In the mud and are being 
rescued with the help of hundreds of volunteers. 

How safe 

is air 


A Delta airlines jetliner 
crashed near Dallas in 
August, killing 137 
people. The plane was on 
a flight from Fort Lauder- 
dale to LA. with an inter- 
mediate stop at Dallas- 
Fort Worth. 

says Pres. 

President Reagan, with 
his wife Nancy, gives the 
A-Okay sign from his 
hospital window in July 
after xindergoing surgery 
to remove a cancerous 
tumor from his lower in- 


Kansas City Royals 
finally crowned 

The Kansas City Royals 
won the World Series. 
Royals pitcher Bret Saber- 
hagen emhraces the third 
haseman George Brett 
after pitching a five hitter 
to give the Royals the 
World Series crown over 
the St. Louis Cardinals. 
Saherhagen, the winner of 
two series games, was 
named the Most Valuable 
Player in the series. 

Anti- Apartheid 
violence strikes hard 

Riots were almost a daUy 
occxurence in South Africa 
as blacks protested 
Apartheid. In this photo, a 
white man runs from a 
jeering group of stone- 
throwing blacks in 
downtown Johannesburg 
as widespread violence 
continued to break out 
throughout the country. 

Four prominent actors died in late 1985 

Rock Hudson, 59, after going public with AIDS. 

Yul Brynner, 65, of cancer. 


Purple Eeign — 1986 

I'll reach into this bag of 
tricks, and tell of the class 
of '86. 

Now I'll tiy to get the 
knack, as we begin to look 

Try not to shed any tears, 
as we hear about o\ir 
Curry years. 

Some rock stars who were 
seen, were Phil CoUins and 
Bruce Springsteen. 

Also having their stints, 
were Michael Jackson and 

The women who were in. 

were Madonna and 
Whitney Houston. 

In magazines who did we 
see, but Pauline and 
Christie Brinkley. 

Mel Gibson and Mark 
Harmon were sexy males, 
and how 'bout those guys 
from Chippendale's. 

With Michael J. Fox the 
girls wanted to cuddle, and 
Don Johnson made a style 
from stubble. 

TV shows were made to 
entice, Uke Hill Street and 
Miami Vice. 

Family Ties and Cosby 
were lots of fun, as were 
KRP and M*A*S*H rer\ms. 

The Breakfast Club made a 
kill, and so did Fletch and 
The Big Chill. 

Rocky made the R\issians 
see, and Sly made a break 
for Mr. T. 

People started wearing 
plaids, and starting other 
'i fads. 

Cabbage Patch Kids were 
made stars, and we went 
out to buy VCR's. 

Hunger and famine caused 
much grief, the movement 
was for aid and rehef. 

Across America people 
held hajids in a row, USA 
for Africa and Band-Aid let 
us know. 

Khadafy led a reign of 
terror, Libya was bombed 
for his error. 

lyienol capsules were 
laced, the shuttle had 
trouble in space. 

American pride began to 
show through, we tried to 
save our statue. 

There was news of aJl 
sorts, coming from the 
world of sports. 

The Pats did their best to 
hustle, but coiildn't beat 
the Superbowl ShufQe. 

The Fridge was known 
throughout the land, while 


Jim McMahon wore his 

Flutie and Phelan had the 
miracle pass, while 
Herschel Walker tore up 
the grass. 

The Celtics were so hard 

to stop, and once again 
rose to the top. 

The BniLns took their 
knocks, and so did the Red 

Clemens got 20 to strike 
out, Spud Webb got the 

crowd to shout. 

Pete Rose broke the record 
for hits, and Gretzky gave 
goalies fits. 

BUly Majptin got fired and 
rehired, Holmes and Sugar 
Ray retired. 

Hagler was the king of 
knockouts, he beat Hearns 
Ray Bans and Vuarnets 
helped us see, we yelled 
"We want our MTV!" 

We wrestled like Bundy 
and Hulk, Steve Wright 
told jokes with a siolk. 

Break Dancers gained 
fame. Trivial Pursuit 
became our game. 

There were good and bad 
times, but politics and 
history made headlines. 

Fritz and Gerry really 
tried, but Reagan and 
B\isch won a landslide. 

Mrs. Marcos had the blues, 
Cuz Aqiiino had her shoes. 

In Mexico there was an 
earthquake, through 
terrorism Uves were at 

The Achille Lauro was 
hijacked, Apartheid was 
no longer backed. 


■ li iiiiiiii 




Purple Reign — (cont.) 

and Duran in bouts. 

America knew just how to 
score, dominating the 
Olympics of '84. 

While Mary Lou Retton 
energized her name, Carl 
Lewis and Greg Louganis 
gained fame. 

No matter if you were here 
or there, you coxild see the 
wave anywhere. 

Let's now move closer to 
home, to D. Forbes Will 
Field and the Millerdome. 

Throughout our four 
years, our athletes had no 

They did their best to 
train, to create the Purple 

In football, Strannie, Jack, 
and Jamie led the seige, 
along with Chico, 
Thermbo, and Rege. 

Men's Soccer had their 
best season, Vic and Artie 
were part of the reason. 

Women's Soccer also hit 
the mark, led by Yvonne's 
hustle and spark. 

Field Hockey finally got 
set, with a lot of help from 

Men's hoop was led by Big 
Mo, but we can't forget 
Pudge and Ribo. 

Meta led the women's five, 
with leadership and drive. 

On the ice Tom and Rich 
made waves, while Timmy 
Downes made the waves. 

On the diamond Lenny 
could be foiind, running 
out to take the mo\ind. 

The Softball team was led 
by Kate, in the field and at 
the plate. 

Angus knew all the facts, 
making saves while 
playing lax. 

Wolfle was quite a menace, 

on the courts playing 

train — moving aroiuid 
and feehng no pain. 

The women's team had Liz, Jill and Amy began to 
who was also quite a wiz. shout, when they heard 

'the word is out." 
Remember the hurricane 
and all the snow, or Salmonella was in season. 

pubbin' with Becky, Jill 
and Mo. 

At the Pub we lost our 
sight, usually it was 
Thiu'sday night. 

On these nights there 
were no duds, we danced 
about and drank the suds. 

Riding aboard the party 

was cafe food the reason? 

Watching cafe help could 
be a sight, "Heather today 
is Friday, right?" 

Sitting at the cafe not 
knowing what to do, 
"Olympic, may I help 

Chris led the hackers on 

loiisy, Life After Death 
made xis drowsy. 

J.T. was like a gull on the 
ledge, but was Ihmnie a 

Bubb and Jamie dropped 
out of sight, Steve G. and 
Catherine had the height. 

Class couples were Bonnie 
and Paul, Kevin and Julie, 
but that's not all. 

There was also Tom and 
Ljmn, Steve and Kathy, "L" 
and Kim. 

the quad, cranMng the 
Dead ajid acting odd. 

Where they'll lurk, we'll 
never know, but when you 
need them, where's Curry 

Glenn could often be blunt, 
when he foiind someone to 

Issues of Modern Civ, was 

Paul Devlin shot his reels, 
and Tracy wore her heels. 

Shannon gave us the 
scoop, and om* President 
was Coop. 

Ed and Stacy stood and 
gabbed. Ridge and Steve 
got nabbed. 

Linda, Chris and Caroline 
are ready for niirsing 

careers, we threw 
Doughboy's bed down the 

Why did Brad's furniture 
disappear, and does Hogey 
have a rear? 

Cleaver wanted a native 
tan, Dave Carpenter was a 
crazy man. 

Liwy could never say four, 
Melissa kept the score. 

Tony dressed GQ every 
day, we partied with 
Smoothy and Chris Sova. 

MLIST was run by Kim and 
Joe, did you hsten to Curry 
College radio? 

We took a shower instead 
of a bath, Joey was the 
Curry psychopath. 

Why did they all get so 
sore, when Buzz put the 
nails in Bob's door? 

Gretchen, Cindy and Linda 
didn't stray far, drinking 

them down at Neit's baj?. 

And then there was Senior 
Week, when we all reached 
our peak. 

We pubbed it until three, 
till we covild no longer see. 

With the alums and Pres. 
we did dine, and dancing 
at Celebrations was just 

They screamed, "99 Bottles 
of Beer," but "Go to Bed" 
was the final jeer. 

It was tough to get booze, 
while we were on the 

Eating at Oceancliffe was 
just right, there's nothing 
like a Newport night. 

On Saturday we pubbed it 
again, staying out till who 
know's when. 

Then a sunny May 18 was 
the date, it was time for us 
to graduate. 

I hope that I have 
maintained, my goal of 
keeping you entertained. 

While sharing o\ir laughs 
and fears, about our 
college yeaxs. 

I will leave you now with 
a sign, 'cuz it's time to say 

So get wild when you want 
to, 'cuz madness is the 
thing to do!!! 

by Artie Tefft 











'"ftrtli r iiA ' 







Fans . . . 



\m /i 



Curry Colonels 
Football 1985 

The 1985 Curry Colonels 
Football season injuries to senior 
cornerback Mike Bartow and 
sophomore halfback Michael 
Waithe put us in a deep hole right 
in the beginning of our nine game 
schedule. Then, sophomore run- 
ning back Kevin Gingras also 
went down to a shoulder injury a 
few games later. 

After an opening game loss to 
Westfield State here at Curry, 33- 
20, where we lost two key start- 
ers, the Purple Reign stormed 
back with a tough-fought 14-12 
victory over Massachusetts Mari- 
time in Buzzards Bay. We then 
returned home to play Framing- 
ham State on Parent's Weekend 
iii the most amazing come-from- 
behind victory in Colonel athletic 
history. Trailing 28-0 at half- 
time, we got mad and scored 35 
unanswered points to win the 
game 35-28, going away. I know 
I will never personally forget that 

When we lost the heart-break- 
er to Marine Maritime, 20-19, in 
Castine, and then lost again the 
next week at home againist a 
Bridgewater State Team that we 
should have destroyed, we were 
probably the best 2-3 team in the 
New England Football Confer- 
ence. Injuries and bad breaks 
were just not helping us out. 
Pride is what kept us fighting. 
Never did we quit. 

We beat Western New En- 
gland College, 17-0, in a great 
offensive and defensive effort. 
However, I believe our best game 
of the season occurred on Home- 
coming against Western Con- 
necticut State. We lost that game, 
35-3 1 , but the level of skill and 
courage displayed by both teams 
on this day was unparalleled. 
Western Connecticut was the 
decided favorite, but we gave 
them quite a game. I'll never 
forget Coach Doherty's sadness 
after the game, lamenting that 
someone had to lose a game so 
well-played as that one was. 

We bounced back the next 
week to destroy arch-rival 
Nichols College, 34-6, at home. 
We had an even record at 4-4 
going into our last game against 
league-leading Plymouth State. 

Although we lost that last 
game to Plymouth State and 
ended up with a four win, five 
loss record, we were winners as a 
team. We knew we were going to 
have a rough season from the 
beginning due to our tough, but 
young defense and the early 
season injuries to some key 
offensive and defensive starters. 
But, we never gave up fighting 
week after week. Our high- 
powered offense triggered by 
junior quarterback Bob Barrett 
kept us in many games. I'll never 
forget what I have learned about 
life from Coach Doherty, who 
never quit on us, and from my 
teammates, all of whom I love so 

— Mark T. Pacheco 




■■*^5*^IM^. ^Vv 





The men's soccer team had the most 
successful season in its history in 1985, 
finishing the season with a record of 13-5-1 . 
Coach Jim Kaufman later referred to this team 
as the ' ' Record Breakers , ' ' due to the number 
of records that were broken. Such records in- 
cluded: most shutouts in a season, most goals 
scored in a season, most wins and fewest 
goals allowed. Better conditioning and a win- 
ning attitude were the two main differences 
between this team and teams in the past. 

The Colonels were led by senior co- 
captains Victor Manganiello and Artie Tefft. 
Other influential members of the team were 
leading scorers Kevin Smith, junior, and 
Mike Driscoll, a sophomore. Also having 
outstanding seasons were junior goalkeeper, 
Steve Driscoll , who posted a record of 9- 1 - 1 , 
junior fullback Matt Clancy, senior fullback 
Brad Pittman, and sophomore sweeperback 
Jon Levine. Due to a successful recruiting 
year, the Colonels were helped immensely by 
an outstanding crop of freshmen, such as 
Mike LeBrun, Jon Zane, Jason Salama, Joel 
Skumil and Kevin Discroll. 

The Colonels are losing just three players 
to graduation, so 1986 could be another 
record breaking season. Maybe once again, 
the men's soccer team will hear that echoing 
saying from Coach Kaufman, "We're win- 
ning ballgames." 



Field Hockey 


Ice Hockey 


Basketball Champions 


















H /'A 


^^^^^^Hr ^^^H 

Mens Baseball 






. . Individi/ials 








II>II()K1 A 










1 y 






I "''^l^H 






^Hk'^ 1 



^ j-J 


' 4p. 









^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^' ^K^^^^^^^U 


«Bi ^m:M 



Wishing on a Star 

Freshman year was a time for new dreams, hopes and expectations; those things we wished 
for ourselves and for our newly discovered friends. Somehow through the uncertainty, or 
maybe because of it, Wishing on a Star became the song of the girls who filled the second floor 
of Mayflower Hall. 

Since then, our constellation of friends has redefined itself somewhat — a few have broken 
away, while others have become a part of us; bringing a new dimension and strengthening the 
whole. During the last four years we've come to rely on each other for laughter and support: 
always able to draw strength from our core. And because of these bonds, we've helped each 
other discover our separate and unique identities. 

So with the good-byes our graduation now brings, the analogy of the star has come full circle. 
As we each are drawn to those dreams and aspirations we hold ourselves, our strength and 
energy still radiates from our center — our center of friends . . . 



I ^^^^^^^^^1 



Freshman Class 

This year has brought many new and exciting challenges and ex- 
periences to us as Curry College freshmen. Upon entering Curry in the 
fall we all felt the nervousness of going to college for the first time. We 
felt that excitement of living on our own, making new friends, and 
taking-on vigorous new course schedules. As the year moved along 
we all settled into our new lifestyles and began pulling together as one 
large unit. 

This year's freshman class has been very active and involved in the 
Curry College community. Led by class president Geno Cenci and his 
cabinet, consisting of Maureen Casey, Traci Masterson, Traci Rich, 
Faith True, Eddie Ross, Scott Goldberg, and Edward Fitzpatrick, we 
all worked together to come up with successful, energetic ideas to 
raise money for our class. 

Some of our projects this year included selling flowers at the 
homecoming football game, holding a Christmas dance in December, 
along with selling "Secret Santa" messages which the students found 
different and enjoyable. We sponsored a few cafeteria dances along 
with the "Mary Wong Comedy Festival" which proved to be one of 
the most delightful functions of the entire year. The idea of having 
dorm pictures taken and distributed to the students proved to be 
another original and successful idea. The Freshman class also 
sponsored the final senior party, providing the class of 1986 with a 
memorable salute and farewell, along with a sincere wish of luck as 
they venture toward the future with dignity and confidence. 

Our freshman year has proven to be a very exciting and un- 
forgettable experience. We have contributed a great deal to the Curry 
College community in our short first year of attendance. As we strive 
to make the most of our opportunities throughout our years at Curry 
College we will continue to contribute wholeheartedly to the commu- 
nity. We will face many changes and take-on numerous responsibil- 
ities, remaining devoted to the betterment of Curry College as we 
embark on the long and laborious journey toward our own bright and 
successful futures. 

— Faith True — 

Sophomore Class 

To retell the trials and joys of each sopho- 
more cannot be done here in such a small 
space. The task itself would be enormous. 
Even more a monumental task is the summa- 
tion of what each of us has learned this year, 
academically as well as socially. It would be 
easy enough, however to bring insight to our 
class as a whole; to what we've accomplished 
as a body of individuals. 

As Freshmen, our class introduced to 
Curry what seemed to be a windfall of su- 
perior athletes. That year, starting lineups all 
across the athletic rosters were dominated by 
us. As each new Freshman Class enters, we'll 
get older, better, and may further contribute 
to Curry's athletic excellence by being 
ourselves and setting examples for them to 

As students, we have been aware of our 
potentials and our shortcomings. We have not 
been indifferent to our futures. We have been 
successful for the most part. After all, we are 
still here, though some have moved on. 

As a class, we have been victorious. No 
class was able to match our wit and strategy 
during Colonel Pride Week — we won, that 
event, and we'll win it again. Parent's 
Weekend, sponsored by us, was similarly 
successful. By the time we graduate, our 
Snack Bar will have made us the wealthiest 
graduating class ever. 

Our real wealth is invested in our class 
itself. As time grows, the class grows 
stronger, smarter, more superior, and richer. 
These are the only directions in which we, as 
the Class of 1988, can turn. We'll maintain 
this investment and make it pay off. 
John Harrington 
Sophomore Class President 


Successful Junior 

Throughout This past academic year, the 
Junior class has soared the new heights we as 
officers, never imagined would occur. With 
a lot of dedication and hard work, the class 
pulled together to raise almost two thousand 
dollars, where we began with nothing. 

The year began with the planning and 
organizing of a successful Homecoming 
Dance held in Fanual Hall, an enjoyable 
evening was had by all. 

October brought an evening of costumes 
and laughs in the pub on Halloween night. 
The juniors offered bags of treats known as 
Halloween- A-Grams to celebrate the holiday . 

Even though the months of November and 
December were quiet for the Class of '87, the 
minds of the representatives and officers were 
busily planning an action packed spring. 

Winter carnival weekend began with an ex- 
cellent evening of live entertainment and 

The popular band performed for our 
community. Saturday began early with ice 
skating and an evening of relaxation at the 
Curry Club. Sunday's movie festival featured 
a variety of movies. 

Valentines Day proved to be very interest- 
ing for the junior class. The popular 
performers. The Drive entertained a Valen- 
tine's Celebration. The Dating game did 
however cap the evening. Susan Shipira and 
Stuart Strother offered their services in choos- 
ing a date. The candidates, Linda Whitlow, 
Julia Abrams, Candi Poll, Geno Cenci, Tim 

Flarrety and all were contestants. Tim, Sue, 
Candi, and Stu were treated to dinner at J.C. 
Hillaries and free movie passes. 

March brought several activities that 
showed class spirit as well as dedication. The 
annual Alumni Phoneathon was held in which 
the Junior class officers raised, taking first 
place, winning $250.00, all proceeds were 
raised for new facilities on the athletic field. 
Colonel Pride Week sponsored by SGA was 
an excellent opportunity for 1987 class 
members to pull together. And that they did! 
Taking second place and $150.00, we all 

showed class spirit in rare form. Con- 
gratulations and thank you to all those who 

Spring weekend consisted of an excellent 
day of festivities. Greg Greenway, Mike 
McDonald, and Pousett Dart performed in a 
superb out door concert. A barbecue and so- 
cial gathering took place following the con- 

Jefferson Atkins 
Junior Class President 


Smile for the Camera 


u ■--' "J, 

Michael Roger Araujo 


Eugene R. Auer, Jr. ("Rick") 

Curry's number one marathon runner. 

Stephen J. Barbarisi 

"Here's to a long life & a merry one A 
quick death & an easy one A pretty girl & 
a true one A cold beer & another one." 

Deborah Barkowski 


Michael J. Bartow Barry Basinow 

Management Communication 

Thanks Mom & Dad, GO Colonels, Hi "It has been a short but enjoyable four 

D L years. Thanks to all. NBC, I'll be there!" 

Gretchen Kristina Behm 

I can't believe four years have come and 
gone. Halloween — October 27, 1984 
Kevin , I will always love . Thank you Mom 
and Dad! 

Virginia Ann Benson 

Special Thanks: D. Nardo, M. Sullivan, 
B. Foumier, T. Byrne, N. Burrel, In my 
quest for the "impossible dream" come 
true. Thanks! 

Helena Bernardino 

Political Science/Psychology 
Thank You Mom, Dad, and of course my 
friends. R.S. You are very special . . . 
without you it would have been boring. 
Luv you MRC. 


Bonnie Beidermann 

Paul — "How sweet it is to be loved by 
you." Mom & Dad — for your caring, 
understanding and love Thank You 

Kathleen A. Bistrong 

Management/Fine Arts 
"The talent of success is nothing more 
than doing what you can do well . . . " A 
Special Thanks to: Mom & Dad, Steve, 
Tricia, Liv, and special friends. 

Anthony M. Borrelli 


Andre Bouchard 


Rebecca S. Breed 

Management/Minor: Political Science 
The older I get, the more I know the less I 
knew. DN GOBREEDEARLY! Yodel, 
SRS , TD, & The state clan "IBCNU" The 
House. Thanks all! GAM 

John Patrick Brown 


Robyn Burg 

Education — Sp. needs 
Mom and Dad, your guidance, support, 
love, confidence, and understanding 
always has been and always will be greatly 

Andrew Carlson 


Randolph Carlson 


David R. Carpenter 

It's those changes in latitudes, changes in 
attitudes, nothing remains quite the same. 
— J.W.B. Good Luck A.T., S.R., R.T. 

Joseph A. Catalano 

Thanks and Good Luck WMLN . . . Dare 
to be different ... Do what you want to 
do, and be happy doing it. . .Radio says it 

Lisa C. Cedrone 

Cynthia Rita Cimeno 

Denis Cinnane 

Katherine M. Clarke 

Elementary ED. 



ManagemenfMinor: Communication 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love 

"Lovin every minute of it," To my 

and support. Doug thanks for always being 

friends: this isn't good-bye it's hello to 

there for me. I love you. 

another world, I had a blast!, "Crit 
Crock" "The Stall" 


Victoria E. Clarke 

During my four years at Curry , I made a lot 
of friends who 1 would like to thank as well 
as my family for their help and support. 

Linda A. Clougherty 

My dream has finally become reality. 
Thanks Mom & Dad. 

Wayne Alan Conrad 


Marc Robert Coopersmith ("Coop") 

Management/Minor: Political Science 
Tough times never last, but tough people 
do. Thanks to my family you pulled me 
through the tough times I love you all. 

Lori L. Cowan 

A special thanks to all my friends for their 
guidance and support! . . . Mayflower 
83-84, I'll never forget ya! . . . Wheres 
Boston Anyway? 

Anne Dalrymple 

Elementary ED. 

Deborah Ann Daly 

SB, MM, & MP Thank you for being 
there, I'll always love you. 

Leonard A. Deangelo 


Kimberly A. Decaro 

'I go to seek a great perhaps" 

Paul J. Devlin 

The cape, summer on campus, camping 
spring break. May i never forget my roots 
B.C.H., SB., D.M., M.C., A.C. 

Lucy DiloUo 

Thanks Mom & Dad, I love you very 

Thomas P. Dolan, Jr. 

Management/Minor: Psych. /Pol. Sci. 
Thanks Mom & Dad ! Hockey , the house & 
pub — 4 Great years Rock, Tuck, Norty, 
Cuief, Beck, Moe, Bart, Flats, Giaut, Ed, 
lima & Smitty . . . Lynn — 1437! 

Jeanne Marie Donahue 


Michael J. Donovan 

"If you can't come to PARTY, don't 
bother knocking on my door. ' ' 

Marc Doucette 


Timothy F. Downes 

Management/Political Science 

Kathleen Dugan 


Kimt>erly D. Dwelley 

Everything is an experience. Whether it's 
positive or negative is up to you 

Lynn A. Eariy 

Live, Laugh, Love and learn Tommy — 
1437! "GOBREEDEARLY" J.F., C.H. 
we made it! The House & Pub. 4 years I 
won't forget! Thanks Mom & Dad! 

Scott A. Efron 

"Either Lead, Follow, or Get out of the 
way." Thanks for the best four years of 
my life, Curry and friends. 

Richard A. Eisenberg 


David K. Fabricius 

Communication/Minor: English 
Thanks for the second chance at College 
Mom and Dad. I made it. To all the peole 
who helped me through, you're all great. 

Jorgen Fagerquist 

Thank you, Curry 

Jill Ann Farrelly 

4 unforgettable years all my love to all my 
family special thanks to special friends 
C.H., L.E. we made it! wishing on a 
star . . . 


Hugh MacDonald Ferguson 

Fine Arts/Communication 

Laura Lee Fischer 


Tim Flaherty 


Annette M. Fontanella 

Elementary Education 
Thank you Mom & Dad for helping me 
make it through. To J.G. & all my friends, 
thanks for all the super times together. 

Pamela Ford Curran 

"Nothing is so bad or good but thinking 
makes it so." 

Jules M. Franzen 


Laurie Frye 

Preschool Education/Minor: Soc./comp. 
Thanks Mom & Dad for all your love & 
support. Thanks D.G. & ST. for all the 
good times with; Blueberries, Pickles and 
the park. 

Peter Gabriel 


Leo V. Gallagher 


Stephen D. Gallagher 

Communication/Minor: Management 
Determination is the asset of life. Thanks 
again Mom . . . My friends and Curry. 

Karen Gardner 


Dian Gibbons 

Thanks Mom & Dad for love and support. 
Thanks for the good times B.B., K.D., 
L.C., E.J. 


Kellie Glennon 


James Golden 


Susan F. Gotta 

Fine Arts 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and 
support. You're always there when I need 
you Steven. — 9 — You'll see Big Jim. 

Nora E. Graham 

Fine Arts 
Thanks Mom S.B. U.B. and G.W. for all 
your support and encouragement! 

John Graney 


Patricia A. Greene 

Social, Psychological & 

Human Health Needs 

We must always have old memories, and 

young hopes. Thanks! Mom & Dad, 

KB., SB., C.H., L.L. 

Julie Ann Gutensohn 

Its to those you love the most you have the 
least to say. Thanks to the best of friends, 
family , especially K. M . Wishing on a star. 

John Hart 


John Harvey 


Mary Durrua Hildreth 

There are always those who think you are 
wrong, but the great man is he, who in the 
midst of a crowd keeps with the sweet 
solitude of independence 

Jill Hogarty 

Social Research 
Neither time nor distance can break the 
bonds we share, wishing on a star . . . 

Christine Mary Hunter 

In planes we fly like birds. In boats we 
swim like fish. All that remains is for us to 
learn to walk upon the earth like men. 


PhUip J. Hyun 

Fine Arts 
In order to succeed, one must keep trying. 


Julie Alexis Jester 

Communication/Minor: Fine Arts 

Suzanne Kavet 


Edward Keenan 


Caroline M. Kelly 

Lawrence A. Keyser 

Timothy J. Koehler 

Linda M . Krumscheid 


Sociology/Concentration-Social Work 



ith positive belief and faith anything is 

Thanks Mom and Dad for being there 

)ssible . . . You were always there 

when I needed you and letting me leave the 
nest when the time came. 

Arlene R. Law 

Jonathan L. Lazar 

Lisa Levine ("Livvy") 

Marcy Lieberman 


Personal Management 

Today Tomorrow Forever 



Elizabeth Luongo 


Heather Lynch 

Blonds don't have more fun Wishing on a 
star profound truth: One thing does lead to 

Dino Rudolph Magnone 


Richard J. Mahanor 

Communication/Minor: Psychology 
Time goes slowly until one reaches Curry. 
Once he is there, time will fleet and scurry . 
From here on in life, one must Hurry! 

• ,;:■. A 

/ 5 

^ : 1 

t' -^ 

■4 '; 1 



Siobhan Marie Maher 


Christopher A. Major 


Jenn Mancini 


Victor Manganiello 


Irene Manoloules 


Douglal J. Massell 


Patricia A. McCarthy 


Cathleen F. McKeever 

Social Work/Psychology 
To my Two very best friends Mom and 
Dad ... I Love You. 


Lisa J. McMahon 

Greg W. Mernick 

Richard Morahan 

Kevin Moran 




Thanks Ma and Dad JG Good Luck 

Paul Moran 

Yuonne K. Nelson 

Mark Edward Newell 

Robert Louis Nutt 





Thanks Mom & Dad for the Love and 

Mom, Dad, and Chip, Thanks for all your 

Support. Bon we're just beginning, same 

support! I Love You!!! 

as it ever was. 

Shannon V. O'Donnell 

MB you're SPECIAL to me. SK you 
helped me grow. I love you both. Special 
love and thanks to Mom and Steve. You're 
the love in my HEART. 


Mark Pacheco ("Chico") 

Happiest when with Monica, friends, on 
the football field. Remember great Cape 
Escape. I love you Mom and Dad. 

Mary Joe Perry 


Jeffrey M. Phelan 

ManagementyMinor: Psychology 

Catherine Prager 

Thank you Mom and Dad for the best four 
years of my life. To those who made it the 
best, Keep Wishing on a star ... I Love 

Michael Pravert 


Meta Pulos 


Thomas R. Pye 


Paul L. Rege 


Amy Rose Racicot 

Reality it seems, was just a dream. We 
have everything before us! Thanks Mom 
and Dad. 

Patricia A. Reilly 


Jamie Repole 


>bert Ricci 

John Paul Riley 

Leslie Rosie Rosenberg 

Peter Khayatt Rosengarten Jr. 



Psychology/Fine Arts/Human Services 

Political Science 

All the world's a stage and the men and 

"What does not kill me, only serves to 

women merely players 

strengthen me." Nietzsche Remember 

William Shakespeare 

Catherine Genevese. 

I've only just begun. 

Gregory C. Rudolph 


Stephen Louis Ruggiero 


Noelle F. Shalforoosh 

Fine Arts 
Thank You Mummie and Daddy Soraya- 
sis Love You are the best! 

Stacy Carol Shugerman 

Fine Arts 

Margaret T. Smith 

Chris Sova 

Stacy Debra Spinner 

Mark Springer 


PoHtical Science 



Thanks Mom & Dad! 

Arthur J. Tefft Jr. 

Some cold tomon'ow finds you some 
subtle dream reminds you how the endless 
road unwinds you; while you see achance, 
Take it. ALK 


Michael F. Tevenan 


Ridgelym Thoreck 

Political & History Studies 

Lucy Thorpe 



Peter L. Thurmond 


Robert F. Tillson 


David Tirelli 


Michael Tomases 


Michael TragUni ("Skippy") 

Fine Arts 

Theodore W. Vasiliou 


Jiilian Wienstein 


Linda Marie Whitlow 


David Seth Williams 

Thanks Mom & Dad for your Love and 
Support. Thanks Prof. Hovorka for 
Guidance and Faith. I love U Kim. Aloha 

Michael B. Wolfensohn 

Politics & History 
Spring Bread in Oct. Chap. 16 Hammer 
and Nails Anyone? Tennis, Hockey The 
Lombard Boys of 82 The Party in NYC 
Thanks LHMBLC Fruitcocktail 

William Hoff Woodruff 

Political Science 

Melissa L. Yagoda 

May the memory never die! Lombard '82 
Main House chicks; hockey chicks — the 
house room 225 ! Thanks Mom and Dad — 


Elizabeth Hope Knight Tracy S. Curry 

Management/Minor: Fine Arts Management 

All one's life is a music, Ifone touches the Thanks Mom and Dad ... 1 love you 
notes rishtiv and in Time. 

Arthur Joey Garry 

you — you you. 

Steven J. Freedman 

Thanks Mom & Dad 


Rear (left to light): 

Mary Ellen Sullivan, Renee D. Noonan, Maria A. Benoit, Elaine A. Day 

Front (left to right): 

Jane U. Adelizzi, Geraldine M. Klaiman, Judith C. Chute 







The Program 

The past year at Curry was very exciting for 
myself and the program board. I guess the 
reason for this was the fact that I as a person 
do not give up and, I guess, that is why we go 
through our college years. We want to find 
the right place for our lives to begin. We all 
need a firm place to show our feelings through 
the things we do and that is why I had to 
change the program board. I found that there 
had to be more communication to places like 
SGA, the classes, and to Curry as a whole. I 
know that there is alot more to be done but 
with the help of SGA and the classes, the 
program board will grow and be something to 
be proud of. 

The year as it stands now was alot more 
than restful. From classes to events and a new 
student activities director, I had my hands 
full. I am glad that Cheryl Deutsch was there 
when I needed help, support and a shoulder to 
cry on. She was my right hand and more. 
Words cannot express what she has done for 
me and the college! Cheryl, my hat is taken 
off for you. As things go I also need to say one 
big thank you for the help and support of 
Sammy and Coop. Although I do not know 
what I would have done without them, 
Sammy Rosenberg and Marc Coopersmith 
helped out without being asked or told to help 
in my goals that I wanted to do. They deserve 
more than a thank you and alot more than I 
can say but remember guys, don't let it go to 
your heads! 

The last three people that I feel I need to 
thank is Lois Wallace for her happy good 
mornings and her help with unmessing up 
situations that I feel would not have happened 
otherwise. I also need to thank Nick Krach for 
his help even when he did not want to and 
showing me the right way to get things I 
needed, and last but not least, Cathy Garrick 
for her help as well in all the things I came up 
with for her to do. To put it all together 
without their help would have been im- 

Curry's program board is getting there but 
it cannot be done alone. You need to care if 
you want an event to happen on campus. We 
are all in this together and this is what Curry is 
all about, "togetherness." Curry can only be 
what you make of it and nothing more. Don't 
forget what you can do when you put your all 
into it! Best of luck to the class of 86. 

V.P. David L. Kurtz 



There is no doubt in my mind that the 
Student Government Association this year 
has been an extremely progressive one. The 
association has grown and blossomed into an 
organization that truly works for the entire 
student body. However, the organization has 
gone through changes since September of 85 . 
The first major change was the resignation of 
Michael Arujio. This occurrence allowed me, 
Ann Money, the former vice president, to 
step into the presidential seat, (the first 
woman president!) The first action I took as 
president was to put together an executive 
board since it was incomplete. Gena Balsamo 
became the vice president, whom previously 
acted as the treasurer. David Kurtz remained 
the vice president of the program board. 
Linwood McDaniel was appointed treasurer. 
Julie Abrams was appointed recording 
secretary and Herb Kunius acted as recording 

I could honestly say that the SGA helped 
me in a very hard time. With no planning, I 
had to take upon myself a time consuming as 
well as a difficult job. I knew I would be able 

to tackle this if I had their support. In a special 
meeting for this purpose they gave me that 
support I needed. 

Now it was time to get down to business. 
With seventeen strong representatives, four 
from each class and a commuter representa- 
tive, and sixteen hard working officers, there 
was no question that the SGA- 1985- 1986 
would be an action filled year. 

The first task would be to put together the 
forum. The forum was held on November 22, 
1985. The entire SGA worked together to 
make it a success and because of their dedica- 
tion and hard work, it was just that, a success. 
The forum brought about several important 
issues and from these issues we based our 

The association previously had committees 
in which each member had to be a part of. The 
problem with this was that several of these 
committees had nothing to accomplish during 
part of the year. For this reason, motivation 
was lost which led to a point where the 
committees did not meet at all. The new 
strategy was to create adhoc committees 
when a situation occurred. In doing this, the 
members volunteered more readily because 
they were interested and it made them 
motivated naturally. There were still a couple 
of remaining standing committees because 
they met weekly and are needed throughout 
the entire school year. 

Integrated also into the procedures this year 
was the SGA person of the month. Each 
month an advisor nominated three individuals 
from SGA who has done outstanding work. 
Whether it be for the class or for a commuter. 
The SGA then voted for one of these three in- 
dividuals, giving reasons why this person 
should be awarded. Outstanding persons of 
the month have been: Mark Daly, Herb 
Kunius, Linwood McDaniel and Kim 

Colonel Pride Week was another added 
attraction to the SGA. Colonel pride week 
was a week during the month of April geared 
to promote overall spirit on Curry's campus. 
Each class competed for the title of "the most 
spirited class." There was a scheduled event 
for each day such as a day when everyone 
wore the school colors, a shoe day, a hat day, a 
colonel dinner and a party to close the weeks 
activities. The sophomores won a money 
award and the title, ' 'the most spirited class. ' ' 
John Harrington won for the most spirited in- 
dividual during colonel pride week. 

The SGA meetings themselves have gone 
through various changes. Attendance records 
were outstanding. The gallery was always 
full. Students who did not have a title also 

came to watch what was going on. Members 
spoke out when they were confused or when 
they wanted to be heard. The formality was 
still there but members were more at ease 
which in all respects is a plus. For the first 
time, issues were discussed fully to lead to the 
groups best decisions. One meeting was held 
in the president's dining room to release 
severe formality in the SGA conference 
room. During this meeting the group became 
a form of the choral club when we sang a song 
together to advertise colonel pride week. 

To the advisors of the SGA — Sam Webb, 
John Boddy, Karen Kaslauskas and Cheryl 
Deutsch, I am extremely grateful. They are 
extremely hard working people, guiding us to 
achieve our goals, leading us into the right 
directions and gearing us back to reality when 
we drifted off our targets. 

I wish I had more space to mention accom- 
plishments and activities the SGA was in- 
volved in this year but I would be most likely 
encouraging you to turn the page. But I would 
like to thank the class presidents. Marc 
Coopersmith, Jefferson Atkins, John Har- 
rington and Geno Cence. I would also like to 
thank Gena Balsomo who has worked 
tremendously behind the scenes since day one 
and who has not been appreciated half as 


much as she should have been. 

AH in all the SGA is made up of very spe- 
cial, dedicated, hard working people. It 
makes me proud to work with such fine, 
unique individuals. It is my hope that next 
year the SGA will continue to be the strongest 
student group on campus, blossoming even 
more to reach it's goals in the positive ways 
that it has. The students of Curry College are 
quite remarkable and I know it will always be 
SGA forever. 

Seniors — may the years ahead be those of 
love, joy and success. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Ann Money 





Familiar Faces 
Around Campus 

H!! lii IRinnn 

Organizations at 

Alcohol Board 

Arts Lecture 

Black Student Union 


Lords and Ladies 

Currier Times 



Commuter Council 

Christian Fellowship 


Film and Video Club 

Health Club 

International Club 

Investment Club 


Program Board 


Ski Club 

Science Club 

Entertainment Committee 

Publicity Committee 

Recreation Committee 

Resident Hall Program Council 


Winter Tennis 









Senior Week 


Graduation 86 

Look to this Day . . . 

For yesterday is already a dream, 

and tomorrow only a vision 

But today, well lived. 

Makes every yesterday 

a dream of happiness, 

and every tomorrow 

a vision of hope. 

May 18, 1986 



To Cathy Lane, 

A gift from God is a joy forever. Today 

it's Curry, tomorrow the World! Go for it. 


George & Peggy 

To Michael Tomases, 

We're so happy for you. We always knew 

you had it in you. 

Love you. Mom, Dad & Susan 

To Jorgen Fagerquist, 

lycka till i fraratiden and we are proud of 

your success. 

We love you, ULP & Helene 

To Paul Rege, 

Hold on to your instruction, do not let it 
go, guard it well, for it is your life. Love, 
Mom & Dad 

To Michael Praver, 

We are mighty pleased and proud of you 

& wish you the best of everything as you 

go on through life. 

We Love you Mom & Dad 

To Becky Breed, 
Congramlations Bird!! XOX 

To Pete Thiumond, 

Congratulations & the best of everything 

life has to offer! 

Love ya — Mom & Dad 

To Jill Farrelly, 

You've made us so proud of you. You're 

everything a daughter could be — We 

Wish you "luck & happiness" in your 

fumre — We love you! 

Love Mom & Dad 

To Lucy Thorpe, 

Congrats!!! We knew you could do it — 

Love you Mom & Ben 

To Steve Freedman, 
— Our Grad, "Never a Doubt!" We 
knew you had the "Right Stuff," and 
now you know it too. We're so proud of 
you. Mom & Dad 

To Gina Rose, 

Best of luck in the future, "Gina" We 

love you. Mom & Dad 

To Rob Ricci, 

Lots of happiness as you pursue your lofty 

goals in life's Journey to success. Thank 

you for a worry free four years for your 


Love Mom & Dad 

To Jill Hogarty, 

As you step forward into a new life, we 

wish you success, happiness and peace. 

Congratulations! Your loving family. 
Mom, Dad, Lynn, Greg, Sean, and 

To Kim DeCaro, 

"Living well is the best revenge." 

Love you, Chris 

' 'There are two ways of spreading Light: 
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects 
it." God bless you for being both! 
We love you. Mom & Dad 

"Happiness is like a butterfly. The more 
you chase it, the more it will elude you. 
But if you turn your attention to other 
things, it comes and softly sits on your 
shoulder. ' ' 
Love Ellen 

To L.F. Weaver, 

You're in the home stretch, kid keep up 
the good work. We think you've done a 
super job. Love, Mom & Dad 

To Michael Wolfensohn, 

To our sonny boy — we are 100% behind 

you — Today — Tomorrow — always. 

Love Pumpkin Pie Face, Momsy, Big 


To Jillian Weinstein, 

We are all proud of you — Go For It — 

Love Mom, Dad, Beth, Lisa, Michael 

To Catherine Prager, 

May all your dreams come true. 

We Love You — Mom & Dad 

To Stephen Riggiereo, 

We are very proud of you and your 

successfiil years at Curry. 

We Love you very much Mom & Dad 

To Mark Pacheco, 

Congratulations! We knew you could do 

it. We've very proud of you. 

Ma and Dad 

To Linda Whitlow, 

Congratulations to a caring person enter- 
ing a caring profession. 
We Love you Mom & Dad 

To Mark Springer, 

Congramlations! We are so proud of you. 

With Love — Mom — Dad & Debbie 

To Nora Graham, 

Congratulations! Your determination, 
courage, and you shine as a beacon. Good 
Luck in your future. We are all very proud 
of you. I love you. Mom 

To Trayce Curry, 

We are very proud of the achievements 
you have made. Congratulations & Best 
Wishes. Love, Mom & Dad 

To Shannon O'Donnell, 

We hope you're as proud of yourself, as 

we are of you. Go get 'em Princess! 

We love you. Mom & Dad 

To Doug Massell, 

Congratulations, We're proud of you. 

You did very well. Love, Mom & Dad. 

To Bonnie Biedermann, 
Congratulations! We are so proud and as 
always hope your future will be filled with 
happiness, good health, and lasting 
friendships. We wish you success in 
whatever you do. With loving wishes. 
Mom & Dad 

To Ted Vasiliou, 

Congratulations! May you reach all your 

aspirations and goals in life. 

We are very proud of you. Mom & Dad 

To Kathleen Bistrong, 
Congratulations on a job very well done. 
We're very proud of you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

To Mike Bartow, 

#3, Way to go, Mikee!! 

Luv, — The Best — 

To Lisa Cedrone, 

To live your life in your own way. To 

reach for the goals you have set for 

yourself, to be the you that you want to 

be, that is success. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

To Logan DuBell, 

Congratulations, Your Determination, 
Intellect, Pursuit of Goals, Labor, 
Optimism, Motivation and Ability spell 
DIPLOMA and assure your future 
success! Mom & Dad 

To Jeff Mancini, 

The opportunity was there, you took it, 

you excelled. Now we wish you luck in 

your future endeavors. 

Love Mom and Dad 

To Tim Koehler, 

Good Luck and Good Health in the future, 

we are proud of you. 

— yoiu- parents 

To Marc Coopersmith, 
Congratulations and good luck as you 
take yet another step towards a healthy, 
successful fiiture. We love you Nan & 
Pop Seltzer & Coopersmith 

Just yesterday you were my "little" 
brother, but today you are my "big" 
brother whom I still love and admire. We 
are so proud of all you have accomplished 
through the years and know that whatever 
goal you pursue you are sure to succeed. 
We love you Mindy & Marty 

Continue to walk the same path you 
always have and you can't help but be a 
winner. We love you very much and we 
are very proud of everything you are. 
Mom & Dad "Coop" 

To Lisa McMahon, 

Congratulations on your achievement 

Love, Mom & Dad 

To Mary Joe Perry, 

Best of everything. We're glad you made 

it. We knew you could do it. 

We Love you. Mom & Dad 

To Jamie Repole, 

We're very proud of you. Best of luck to 

you and Kelly. Love Dad & Ma 

To Andre Bouchard, 

Best of luck and success in the fumre. We 

love you. Mom and Dad. 

To Kim Dwelley, 

You kept your dream in sight in spite of 
adversity. We are very proud of you and 
your achievement. We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

To Lori Cowan, 

Wow! What Proof! "All things work 

together for the good ..." you are a real 

inspiration for us! 

Love Mom & Dad XXXOOO 

To Noelle Shalforoosh, 
All the best to the best. Mom & Dad 
Noellypoo: Mister Sister Sause — Soraya 
All's Carpet Center is the Noelle Corpora- 

To Christine Hunter, 
You are the sunshine of our lives. You 
have always made us proud. The best for 
you always. Love, Mora 

To Steve Stranahan, 

We love you, and we are proud of you. 

Now, GET A JOB. Mom & Dad 

To Wayne Conrad, 

Congratulations as you plan to embark on 
your career in communications. What- 
ever it is that God has in store for you, we 
pray that you will use your knowledge to 
the best of your ability. Love, Mom and 

To Annette Fontanella, 
Our love and best wishes on this goal 
achieved. We are all very proud of you. 
Love Dad, Mom, Jamie & Robbie 

To Joey Garry, 

We're so proud of you. God Bless you 

always. Love, Mom, Mike & Maureen 

To Christopher Chapman, 
As always we are proud of yoiu' effort. 
Effort that will lead to a bright fu- 
ture. Mom & Dad 

Nancy Tredwell, 

We are very proud of you and thrilled with 

your success and happiness. 

— Love Mom & Dad 

To Joseph A. Catalano, 


Words can't express how proud we are of 
you. You'll always have our love and 
support in whatever you do. We wish you 
the very best of everything. 
All our love. Mom & Dad 

To Elizabeth Luongo, 
Always have faith in your dreams, con- 
fidence in your future, and purpose in life. 
We love you. Mom and Dad. 

To Jeff Phelan, 

Much good luck in all your future 

endeavors. Happiness always. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

To Eddie Keenan, 

Good luck for promising future. Never 
thought you would do it, but you did and 
you did it well. Luv — Mom & Dad 

Kathy — 

It has been great working with you. 
Always remember "The Spice of Life" 
and me! 

To my very special "zip," "Buddha," 
and "Spud" all rolled into one . . . May 
you be the greatest physicist ever! 
Love, Sweet Pea 

Kim and Bonnie, 

It's been a challenge, but we did it. 

Thanks, Kathy. 

Kathy — You've been a great friend, and 

thanks for ripping up that piece of paper. 

Love Tricia. 

Steve B. and Steve G. 

May all your days be as unpredictable and 

full of excitement as New Years Eve '85- 


Love Kathy and Tricia. 

To Debbie Daly, 

Debbie I knew you would make it. Con- 
From: Helen Punchard 

To Steve Barbarisi, 

I want to go on the Great Cape Escape! 

To Debbie Daly, 

No, Debbie it's just for the Boys! 

From Peter Romersa, 

"Robert Dole for President in 1988. 

— The Conservative wave continues" 

— Peter J. Romersa ('88) 

Bon — 

You're truly the best roommate, friend, 

and "womanny" I've ever known — 

Andrechuck agrees 

Love Ya — Kim and Stella 

To Judy Roberts, 

The purpose of life is to serve and praise 
your creator and serve your fellow man. 
Home & family is the most important 
thing in life. Take care of the physical & 
constantly improve the mental and the so- 
cial & financial will take care of 
themselves. We love you. 

Life has its ways like the cursed sea you 
ask yourself — How come — why me? 
We search for answers we can't depend 
Soon long lonely days all come to an end. 
Your courage gained from lifes ugly 

strife. Has opened your mind for a better 

life love Mom & Dad 

From; Mr. & Mrs. Alfred L. Maurer 

Congratulations to the Class of 1986; 
from Green & Freedman Baking Co. 

Congratulations to the Class of 1986 
From: James and Lucille Cecchi 

Best wishes to the Class of '86 
The learning Center 
Advanced Studies Program M. ED 
Program For Advancement of Learning 
— P.A.L. 

"Best wishes from the Controller's 

Best of luck to all my great Broadcasting 
graduates. You will be missed. 
Alan Frank 

To the Graduating Class of 1986, I say 
congratulations on the successful comple- 
tion of your college education. 

One of the fun things about working in a 
school is watching the students grow and 
mature. I play a little game with myself as 
I look over the incoming freshmen. I 
wonder who will emerge as the leaders. 
Which will become my special buddies. 
Who will leave. Sometimes I'm right, 
more often I am astonishingly wrong. 
Whatever category the freshman fall in it 
is fun to see them blossom as butterflies 
from a chrysalis. You have witnessed that 
education changes people as you 
yourselves have grown and changed. 

The friends you have made at Curry will 
be your friends for the rest of your life. 
Keep in touch with them. Take time to 
make that call, write that letter, send that 
card. Let Alumni know your whereabouts 
— so that where ever Fate takes you, you 
will always have that tie, that home base. 
You are leaving a nurturing, caring 
environment. Because of the good care 
and education you have received, your 
roots are deep and sturdy. 

You will always be my "kids." Hove you 
all. Don't forget Mother Curry. I wish 
each one of you happiness as you go forth 
from this College. 

Lois Wallace for YEARBOOK '86 

Congratulations Glass of 1986 and 
Welcome to the Alumni Association 





414 Rutherford Ave. Charlestown, MA 02129 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 

Colonel Club 

(The official athletic Booster 
Club of Curry College) 



Tel. 244-2188 

ADAMS Shade and 

Screen Company 


3nd Dislribulors 




Window Shades 

• Combination Windows 


Venetian Blinds 

• Combination Doors 


Custom Draperies 

• Kirsch Traverse Rods 



NEWTON, MASS. 02158 

Compliments of 









CHendnei) ^^^ CHendncs) 

( Hendn^ ^^) ^^^ 


Hendfi^ CHendncfe) 

[Hendn^ CHendneS) 

[Hendnejs) CHendnei) 

[HendneS) CHendncis) 

Printing Centor 


QUINCY, MA 02169 



CLASS OF 1986 









<::y\/[axio i 

Classic M 

irror Co., 





232 Mystic Ave 



Medford. ma 




spice of Life Staff ... 1986 


Assistant Editor 
Advertising Editor 

Kathleen Bistrong 
Kimberly DeCaro 

Bonnie Biedermann 

Steve Barbarisi 

Paul Devlin 
Tom Truitt 
Heather Lynch 
Steve Barbarisi 
Kathleen Bistrong 
Bonnie Biedermann 
Cindy Kohl 
Denise Comini 
Pam Ford 
Matthew Hotz 

Special Thanks to: 

Lois Wallace for her continual guidance and support. She has truly been our pillar of strength. 

Victoria Clarke for her help with the faculty section. 

Virginia Benson and Tricia Greene for their patience, help, and good humor. 

Kay McCartney and Warren Bazirgan for their help. 


Hunter Pub. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27113 


Dick Swiech 


"Dedication" as a noun and "dedicated" as an adjec- 
tive are two very different things. In its noun form it 
means an inscription attached to a book, a place of 
recognition — in its active form, it is the conscious way in 
which we whole-heartedly approach a task. Dedicated is 
truly a word we can use to describe Dean Hastings, and 
this dedication is how we wish to honor that. 

The Dean joined the English faculty at Curry in 1 964 — 
the year many of us were bom . During his tenure at Curry , 
Dean Hastings has been involved in everything from 
directing the Curry College Concert Choir, to teaching 
English to ultimately assuming the duties of Dean. Since 
1971 he has also served as the organist and choirmaster at 
the First Parish Church in Milton. 

Although adhering to his duties as top academic 
administrator at Curry, teaching has continued to be his 
first love — lucky for us. Dean Hastings, with his legiti- 
mate desire to teach us in the classroom, and his sincere 
dedication as Dean, has made Curry a better place for all 
of us. 

Always there for the students. Dean Hastings has our 
best interests in mind: From explaining things that we 
don't understand; to taking extra time to help us with our 

It is with great pride and admiration that the Curry 
College Yearbook Staff and the Class of 1986 dedicate 
"The Spice of Life" to Dean Ned Hastings — Adminis- 
trator, Teacher, Musician, and Friend.